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As previously advised, Stagecoach are withdrawing bus service 89 / X89 Milton Keynes – Towcester – Northampton on Saturday 5th January. As required by the Bus Services Act 2017, Stagecoach supplied usage information for the section between Milton Keynes and Towcester to Northamptonshire Highways, as this section will have no replacement service through the villages. In turn we advised local bus operators of the potential for a commercial replacement.


Following detailed discussions with Northamptonshire Highways and Milton Keynes Council, Britannia Bus have registered a commercial bus service with the Traffic Commissioner. This service will begin on Monday 7th January, and as shown on the 2 attachments, will operate every 90 minutes between Milton Keynes and Towcester as service 89. A limited number of journeys will continue through to Northampton as service X89, and passengers will be able to stay on the bus when it arrives in Towcester. In addition, service 89 will provide a reinstated bus service for Cosgrove and Yardley Gobion, plus a new link to Wolverton.


The council’s website has a link to Britannia Bus’s website at http://www.britanniabus.co.uk/en-gb/travel/index.html, where the new timetable and further information about the service will be uploaded by the bus company in due course.




John Ellerby

Principal Bus & Rail Development Officer

Northamptonshire Highways

One Angel Square


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Britainnia Bus service 89

Britainnia Bus service X89


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