Neighbourhood Watch Feb 2016

Door to Door Fund Raising. The Institute of Fundraising has formed a new rule that states “door-to-door “ fundraisers should not knock on the doors of properties that display “no-cold-calling” stickers or signs. The Public Fundraising Regulatory Association has also agreed to integrate this code of practice into its “door-to-door” compliance programme. The police value phone calls to 101 to identify cold-calling/door-knocking. You can also phone the Doorstep Action Network DAN 03452 307702. This is answered by the 101 police team and information passed to your local PCSO. If you require the yellow “No cold-calling stickers” for doors/windows then please contact me on 01327811281.

South Northants Police Force is proud of its current level of 30 volunteer Specials. Their engagement level is high (91%) and on average they volunteer 20 hours per month. The county was recruiting police officers, partly to reflect the need of a growing community.

Specific crime updates: key to note are car key burglaries where criminals target a car and try and access a house just to get the car key and steal the car. Extra vigilance must be taken to secure car keys. De-frosting cars is also a seasonal problem: don’t leave your car engine running unattended to do this as your car could be stolen and it is unlikely you will get any insurance compensation! A team of house burglars believed linked to crimes and stolen property in this area has been arrested in the Daventry area

Smartwater –available at a massive discount at only £25 to NHW members (usual retail price is nearer £60) and new model PIR shed/garage alarms (movement sensitive) are also available.

You can access crime stats specific to our area as well as other news via:

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