Neighbourhood Watch May 16

Motor bike thefts both old ones and special new ones – 2 taken from Grafton Regis 1 from Stoke Bruerne and other local locations.

Thefts from work vans are on the increase. Burglars are cutting through the alarm wires down the door strip.

Sheep have been stolen from Litchborough.

WATCH OUT.  A driver with a child pulls into drives and asks directions. Returns later to get child through openings in order to open house door for the thief.

Oil has been stolen from the main pipeline running through Grafton Regis. Thieves caught in the act.

Shed alarms still available.

If you need to speak to a policeman PC Bhattacharya 101 ext. 343268 or 07557 778625 would be pleased to help you.

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