New Street Lighting for Paulerspury Parish


Currently the quarterly bill for lighting sections of the parish – Pury End and Paulerspury – is £512 per quarter. This rose up from £343 in July 2015. We have been advised that there is a further increase in the pipeline.

Aylesbury Mains who repair and service our lanterns have advised us that the equipment we currently have installed will soon be irreplaceable due to the fact that there is only one manufacturer left who, in the near future, will be ceasing to manufacture the replacement items.

The Parish Council commissioned a complete survey of all the lights in the village and resolved that a scheme of replacement would commence. LED lighting would not be appropriate for the village so a soft white has been selected as the preferred colour. Light levels currently furnished will be maintained.

The first area to be changed will be Newbolt Close. This area was chosen because there is a light awaiting repair and it would be economic to repair it under the new scheme.A light of the same type has been in operation in Plum Park Lane for some three years with no adverse comments.

Reserves of £5,200 have been built up and set aside for this project which it is hoped will be successful and well received.

Maggie Down

Clerk to Paulerspury Parish Council

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