Proposals to a change in Paulerspury Parish Boundary by TC

The Minutes of a Committee meeting held in March 2017 have come to light and suggest that part of the Paulerspury Parish Boundary is to be requisitioned by Towcester as part of it’s expansion plans. Below are the notes from the Minutes. If you wish to object to this – then please contact:


The Minutes of a Committee meeting held on March 17th 2017

10. South Northamptonshire Council

Update on the Community Governance Review

a) To consider proposals to amend the parish boundary between Towcester and Paulerspury

Cllr. Johns marked out proposed changes to the Towcester parish boundary on a map. The changes would extend the parish boundary to the A5 Whittlebury Road so that all of the Towcester SUE (Southern Urban Expansion) development falls within the Towcester parish and, on the opposite side of the A5, extend the parish boundary to incorporate Towcester Racecourse and the hamlet of Heathencote. TC members agreed with the alterations as marked out on the map and for Cllr. Johns to put these forward, on behalf of the TC, to the SNC Committee set up to carry out the Community Governance Review.


Cllr. Johns proposed that the TC puts forward its proposed amendments to change the Towcester parish boundary as marked out on the map to incorporate all of the land earmarked for the SUE development and  Towcester Racecourse, including the hamlet of Heathencote;  seconded by Cllr. Lynch; all in favour.

Map Paulerspury Parish Boundary




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