Telephone scam – beware

This scam comes via land lines. You are called – rather indistinctly – by a person claiming to represent HMRC. The person leaves a telephone number- 01613547064 –  to call and advises you to call back immediately before action is taken.
 This is not a genuine Manchester number. You are linked to a Premium number and charged accordingly!.  They are extremely aggressive on the telephone and threaten to send Policemen round to your house and also threaten repossession of your property.
This is not a genuine HMRC agent so please ignore the call and phone Action Fraud on 03001232040. HMRC would never Cold Call you. Action Fraud is currently dealing with 57 different scams of this nature so please be patient on the phone – you will get through.
 “Heather Gray” is also a person to ignore should “she” call. Emails are also being targeted.
Maggie Down

Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator.

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