Free Driving Course with Northampton Highways

Northamptonshire Highways in conjunction with Northamptonshire Police run an award winning driver experience called CarKraft, which is designed to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on Northamptonshire’s roads. There are three events planned at Silverstone and two at Rockingham Motor Speedway. The experience is FREE OF CHARGE and we are keen to promote it to as many people in the County as possible

I would like to thank you in anticipation of your help and if you have any questions about the experience then please don‘t hesitate to contact me. I have included below a short description of what the experience entails and further details of the event and how to book places can be found at

There are two events on the day, one for drivers and one for non-drivers aged 15yrs +

NON Drivers (aged 15yrs +)

Starting Off

This is a 1 hour classroom based session led by an Advance Driving Instructor (ADI)/driving trainer, the main areas covered in this part of the session are:

  • Road Safety, drink driving, mobile phones, distractions
  • Looking for an instructor, cost, qualifications, recommendations
  • Insurance – getting quotes, getting their own, getting mum or dad to insure the vehicle with the child as a named driver (Fronting)

Driving Lesson

Within the circuit on the internal road network at the Porsche test track or at Rockingham Motor Speedway the participants have their first driving lesson in a real environment with professional instruction.

There are two participants in each car and this part of the session is programmed to run for 1 hour.

Qualified Drivers


After the welcome and briefing, all of the participants will take part in a Safer Driving, Roles and Responsibilities workshop led by an experienced front line Police Officer and a retired Police Forensic Collision Investigator now working as a Road Safety Officer.

The workshop covers collision causations including Drink/Drug Driving, mobile phones and advice on how to improve your driving.

Kick Plate/Ice Hill/WetGrip area

The Kick Plate/WetGrip areas are a metal plate set flush with the road surface and are triggered remotely as the car travels over it thereby generating the effect of a loss of wheel traction.

The Ice Hill generates the feel of sheet ice with controlled water jets. The area allows participants to explore car control under extreme road conditions. Furthermore, the participant will learn to understand how the car handles and how ABS (anti-lock brakes) work.

There are two participants in each car (where possible we try to put people of a similar age together).

Observed Drive

This is not an assessment or driving lesson, it a chance to drive a pre-determined route, using a variety of road types whilst under the observation of a highly trained Police Advanced Driver. The officer will suggest advanced techniques for the participants to integrate into their driving, building skills of anticipation and awareness making safer, more confident drivers.

Each of the elements are programmed to run for 1 hour and 10 minutes. Participants will be using cars provided by Renault UK and insured by Adrian Flux.

We have five events planned for this year: –

  • 8th May – Silverstone
  • 5th June – Rockingham
  • 24th July – Rockingham
  • 11th September – Silverstone
  • 30th October – Silverstone



Keith MILLARD AMRSGB, Highways Safety Officer, Northamptonshire Highways, Floor 4, Riverside House, Bedford Road, Northampton, NN1 5NX

DDI: +44(0)1604 364434, Web:

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