Greetings from Serampore, India

Dear Sir/ Madam,


Greetings from Serampore, India.

I am making a documentary film on the pioneer baptist missionary Dr. William Carey who was born in Paulers Pury, North-amptonshire, England, Aug. 17, 1761; and died in Serampore, India, June 9, 1834. Born in humble circumstances and baptized an Anglican, he was apprenticed to a shoemaker (1779) and during this period became a Baptist. He came to India in 1793 and spent his time until his death in 1834. 
Impressed with the importance of giving the gospel to the non-Christian world, he stimulated the organization of the Baptist Missionary Society (1792)in England. Under its appointment he went to India (1793), where he became eminent as a missioner, linguist, translator, educator, and scientist.
I am wondering if you have got any documents or photographs of that time related to Paulers Pury and Dr. William Carey and pass me those photographs it’ll be useful for the film. 
Even recent photographs of old buildings and churches of Paulers Pury will be highly appreciated and I’ll acknowledge the resources i..e. you or Paulers Pury Parish Community.
Thanking You and With kind regards.
Mahadeb Shi
Serampore, India