Neighbourhood Watch update

Car Park Distraction Thefts

There is currently a Force and National operation around distraction thefts occurring in Towcester town car parks. These often involve older individuals being targeted, perpetrators will approach an individual who is on their own, one will ask for directions whilst the others search the car stealing handbags or wallets. Bank cards are then used at local bank ATM’s to withdraw money.

The SCT have been patrolling local car parks in Towcester where this has happened. In most cases, it appears that the victim has been spotted by offenders in the store or at the cash-point, who has then seen them enter their PIN and noted it.  If something doesn’t feel right, trust your instincts. Politely say you cannot help and drive away.


Please report ANY suspicious activity to the Police. Look at how you can mark your valuables on the Force website. In the unfortunate event that valuables are stolen this enables the Police to try and identify items through to the criminals who are stealing or buying these items. Don’t forget to lock your doors.

If you are using a pet sitting company insist they visit you in an unmarked vehicle. A sign-written vehicle tells us all that you are away!

Maggie Down – Neighbourhood Watch

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