Parish Council Vacancy and litter pick march 2017


Parish Council Vacancy

There is a vacancy on Paulerspury Parish Council. Should you wish to apply please contact Mrs Maggie Down. Clerk to Paulerspury Parish Council. 01327 811281 for further details.

Litter Pick

Apart from one or two areas in the parish the parish remains relatively clear of litter. A clean village indicates that residents care about their surroundings and burglars are thus inclined to go elsewhere.

The first week in April is designated for the Annual Village Litter Pick. Could we please ask you to look around the village and collect and dispose of any litter. If you find an item too large to deal with please contact me. The Parish Council has entered The Best Village competition so litter removal is a very important component of this competition.

Thank you. Maggie Down – Clerk to Paulerspury Parish Council

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