The Make, Bake and Grow Show will be back next year on Saturday 13 August 2022 We Need Your Ideas!

This show is an opportunity for everyone to showcase their talents be it:
Making – knitting, sugar craft, photography, woodworking, artwork etc
Baking – cakes, pastries, breads, jams, pickles etc
Growing – vegetables, flowers, fruits, flower arrangements, patio pots etc
Planning is starting for the Make, Bake and Grow show next year so this is your chance to help to review the different show classes and propose new ones, amend some, suggest recipes or a theme for our come back show.
Below is a schedule of show classes from 2019 to use as a reminder. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email these to me by Friday 3 December 2021 at the latest before the AGM on Thursday 9 December 2021.
Send your email to:

I look forward to hearing from you so that together we can make next year’s show bigger and brighter than ever.
Jane Morris
Show Secretary

Schedule of classes from the show held in August 2019


1 Collection of Vegetables, 6 kinds
2 Paulerspury Selection. A basket, trug or box of vegetables for the kitchen (see below)
3 Collection of potatoes, 4 varieties, 3 of each
4 Beetroot, 3
5 Chillies of one colour, 6
6 Carrots, long, 3
7 Carrots stump, 3
8 French Beans, 12
9 Lettuce, any variety, 2
10 Heaviest Marrow
11 Pair of Table Marrows not exceeding 15”
12 Onions, transplanted, winter sown, 6
13 Onions, Red, 6
14 Onions, Sets, 6
15 Peas, plate of 6 pods
16 Courgettes, long or round, 3
17 Most Amusing Misshapen Vegetable – “Worst in Show”!!
18 Potatoes, coloured, 3
19 Potatoes, white, 3
20 Runner Beans, 9
21 Shallots, Giant, round or long, 12
22 Shallots, Pickling, round or long, 12
23 Tomatoes, 6 (with stalks)
24 Cherry Tomatoes, 12 (with stalks)
25 Truss of Cherry Tomatoes
26 Pair of Cucumbers
27 Sweet Peppers of one colour, 3
28 Longest Runner Bean
29 Named collection of culinary herbs in a basket
30 Any Class of Vegetable not listed above

#CLASS 2 Paulerspury Selection: A collection of vegetables for culinary purposes. Herbs allowed.


31 Paulerspury Collection of Fruit, 3 kinds
32 Plate of Currants, 10 strings of one variety
33 Apples, Cooking, 6
34 Plate of Cane Fruit – one variety (eg Raspberry, Blackberry, Loganberry, Tayberry or other hybrid) 15 Fruits with stalks
35 Plate of Gooseberries,12
36 A plate of any other fruit

Children’s section (Gardening) Free Entry
Child under 12 years – give age on entry form

C37 A Vegetable that you have grown
C38 A Sunflower Head that you have grown from seed
C39 5 Tree Leaves – Presented and Named on a Piece of A4 Paper
C40 A Bug Hotel (max size – 30cm x 30cm x 30 cm)

See also Classes 99-101 for Children’s Handicraft



41 Paulerspury Vase: 5 -10 stems of mixed flowers.
42 A patio container of growing plant material
43 Pot plant, foliage, max. pot size 8”
44 Pot plant, flowering, max. pot size 8”
45 Fuchsia, maximum pot size 6″
46 Begonia, tuberous, flowering, maximum pot size 8”
47 Vase of scented flowers, not less than 3 species
48 Rose, 1 specimen bloom
49 Roses, 3 blooms, 1 vase
50 Floribunda Roses, 3 sprays
51 Dahlias, Decorative, 3 blooms, under 8″
52 Dahlias, Cactus, 3 blooms, under 8″
53 Dahlias, any other, 3 blooms, one variety
54 Lavender, 10 stems
55 Phlox, 3 sprays
56 Cacti or succulent, maximum pot size 8”
57 Annuals, 1 variety, 6 stems.
58 Cosmos, 6 stems
59 Hardy Perennials, Single vase not less than 4 species
60 Penstemons, 3 stems
61 Bowl of Sweet Peas
62 Gladioli, 1 spike any colour
63 Gladioli, 3 spikes any colour
64 5 Pansy or Viola heads floating in a glass dish (No stems)
65 4 Begonia blooms with stem ( Display board provided)
66 Antirrhinum, 3 stems
67 Hanging pot/basket of growing plant material max. pot size 12″

• A vase of mixed flowering stems containing a total of between 5 and 10 stems, taken from a minimum of two different types of plants. Please note: 2 different kinds of plants, not 2 varieties of the same plant.
• Home-grown flowers, no silk or dried flowers.
• Stems must be showing flowers and any foliage naturally growing on the stem. No seed heads, berries, bows or additional foliage will be allowed.
• The vase will be viewed from all sides.

68 Any Vegetable as listed in classes 4 to 30
69 Vase of mixed Garden Flowers


70 Cinema Reflections – An Exhibit to reflect a named film (24″/60cm max)
71 An Arrangement on a Candlestick with a candle
72 An Arrangement in a Thimble
73 An Exhibit inspired by a Hobby (18″/45cm max)
74 A Green Arrangement (18″/45cm max)





75 Soda Bread (as per given recipe )
76 Bottle of Sloe Gin
77 Bottle of Other Fruit-flavoured Spirit
78 Jar of Jam made with soft fruit
79 Jar of Jam made with stoned fruit
80 Jar of Marmalade
81 Jar of Jelly
82 Jar of Lemon Curd
83 Jar of Chutney (more than 3 months old)
84 Simnel Cake (as per given recipe)
85 A Party Cake (judged on appearance and taste)
86 6 Cheese and Chive Scones, (own recipe)
87 Men only – Chocolate Beer Cake (as per given recipe)


88 A Knitted Article
89 An item of Sugarcraft
90 An item of Embroidery or Tapestry
91 A Sewn item
92 A Painting
93 A Drawing (any medium except paint)
94 Art on a Postcard
95 An item made of wood
96 Photograph “Transport” unmounted (max size 8”x8”)
97 Photograph “A Bird in Flight” unmounted (max size 8”x8”)
98 Any item of Handicraft not listed above
Please give age on entry form
C99 6 Rock Cakes
C100 A Painting /Drawing of Beach Huts
C101 An Item of Handicraft
Please state on your Entry Form the approximate size of entries in any of the Handicraft classes to help in allocating display space.