West Northamptonshire strategic plan spatial options consultation

# West Northamptonshire Strategic Plan Spatial Options Consultation
## 10,250 AddItional Houses for Towcester & Potterspury/DeanshangeR

Hello Everyone

There was a small group of residents that attended the Parish Council meeting on Thursday to hear more about the above consultation.

The Parish Council thought it would be worthwhile communicating again some headline details of this plan to ensure that as many people as possible take the opportunity to submit their comments regarding the plan.

So the headline is that the housing needs in West Northamptonshire have been calculated to need an additional **64,170** houses between now and **2050**.

There are currently plans and agreements in place for **33,860** of these – which leaves a shortfall of **30,310 **that are needed.

This plan and consultation is about finding where those houses could go.

In our local area, the plan suggests that;-

**4,250** could be built in Towcester South – the location of this suggestion is on the Racecourse land and to the South and West of the current Towcester south expansion area. So the other side of the new relief road and heading towards the A43.

**6,000** either side of the A5, north of the Old Stratford roundabout.

This is an important consultation for the future housing in this area for the next 30 years, so it is really important to make your views known now. Once the plan is agreed, there will be very little – if any – opportunity to challenge the individual planning applications when they are submitted.

The closing date of the consultation is 24th December.

If you wish to find out more and / or make your comments please go to:-